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Conjugation Manual of Slovenian Verbs from A to Ž


The Conjugation Manual of Slovenian Verbs is a practical language learning tool. It will help you find all conjugations for more than 150 common Slovenian verbs. It includes all forms for the present, past and future tense, as well as the conditional and imperative.

The e-book is in the PDF format. No physical products will be shipped. After placing the order we will email you the PDF.


If you learn Slovenian, then you may already know that there are many exceptions in Slovenian and just as many irregular verbs. 

Let’s take the verb plesati, to dance, for example. The verb plesati is irregular in the present tense and the imperative. Many students of Slovenian would first think that we conjugate it as jaz plesam, and that it is a regular verb, but that’s not the case. We conjugate it as jaz plešemI dance, in the 1st person singular, and the 1st person singular defines the conjugation pattern of all the other persons in the present tense and the imperative. 

That’s why this verb manual is such a useful tool to help you conjugate Slovenian verbs properly.