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Learn Slovenian through one-on-one classes with a native Slovene and experienced teacher. Valentina conducts online Slovenian classes via Skype.


Learn Slovenian at your own pace with our useful self-guided e-books Slovenian Book of Basics and Conjugation Manual of Slovenian Verbs.


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Learn By Yourself with the Learn Slovenian Online e-book

The Slovenian Book of Basics is a self-study e-book and a very useful practical manual which includes common everyday topics for real life situations (for example how to book a room, order at a restaurant, have a telephone conversation, buy a bus or train ticket, express the time, and the list goes on), a comprehensive list of useful phrases, vocabulary, basic grammar, etc. At the end of each lesson you will also find exercises with correct answers to see how you did.

It has been designed with a focus on practical language use, so you can start using what you are learning right from the start. It can be a very useful tool when living or traveling to Slovenia, and if you want to impress the local people!

For beginner and intermediate level.

The Slovenian Book of Basics includes:

  • Useful Phrases
  • Different Everyday Topics
  • Very Useful Vocabulary
  • Exercises
  • Interesting Facts about Slovenia
  • Basic Grammar
  • More than 30 Lessons

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