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Learn with a Teacher: Private Slovenian Lesson Testimonials

I’m half Slovenian but I never learned the language and that has always been a disappointment to me.  I knew lots of words but couldn’t put them together.  I started taking lessons from Valentina during the Covid lockdown in 2020.  She has demystified the language for me, so that I understand how the language is constructed and organised and I can now put simple sentences together.  Valentina is very professional and always on time and prepared for the lesson.  She also has a good sense of humour and she’s very patient.  I can honestly recommend Valentina and I will continue with my lessons. — Josie, United Kingdom

I am an older student (64 years old) and was worried I was getting too old to learn a new language.  But I did not have to worry with Valentina as my teacher.  She teaches step by step and we don’t move on to the next lesson until I am ready.  I like learning at my own pace and Valentina had taken the mystery out of learning Slovenian.  She’s very professional and encouraging and also a very nice person.  I’ve been taking lessons from her for 2-1/2 years so far and plan on continuing. I highly recommended her! — Donna, USA

My dad came to the UK from Slovenia in 1948, married an Englishwoman and I came along in 1960. I was six when I first visited his homeland and met my family. It really was love at first sight! Two years ago, I gained Slovenian citizenship and decided it was finally time to master the language. I knew quite a lot of words but grammar and the formal structure was all new – and daunting. I decided I needed a proper teacher. How lucky I was to have found Valentina! I’m now into my third year of lessons with her and I look forward each week to the next one. Valentina tailors her teaching exactly to your desires and your pace of learning. The lessons are interesting and fun and you learn about Slovenia too, its culture, traditions, festivals, food and much more. On example of just how special a teacher she is: I told her I loved music, so she included some Slovenian pop songs and we worked through the lyrics. To her surprise, I then found the chords online and played the song back to her. What a great fun way to learn and inspirational teaching! The lessons are well-structured with a wide range and mixture of learning materials, and perhaps best of all, she is a very encouraging and patient teacher! Any mad question I’ve ever come up with, she’s always come up with an answer. How she keeps a straight face to some of my mangled pronunciations I will never know. I have improved tremendously under her expert guidance and my confidence in speaking Slovene is really high now when I visit. That is 100% down to her and I can’t thank her enough. So if you’re looking for the best Slovenian teacher, you won’t find a better one! — Victor, France

I have been taking in-person Slovenian lessons with Valentina in Ljubljana for the past year and a half. Aside from being very friendly and kind, she is also a great teacher. Lessons are completely adapted to my interests, needs and current knowledge – a mix of grammar (which I am a fan of :)), vocabulary, conversation, reading, writing etc. She is well-organized and always well-prepared for our classes, with a ton of both interesting and useful material. I would honestly recommend Valentina to anyone interested in learning this, complex but beautiful, language. — Tamara, Serbia

I have been taking Skype lessons with Valentina for a year now and my Slovenian (previously only self-taught) has improved considerably. I have learnt seven other languages before learning Slovenian and I can safely say that Slovenian was proving to be the most challenging, because of the scarcity of language teaching material and courses outside Slovenia. So, when I found Learn Slovenian Online on the internet, I simply could not believe it! I first bought the online course, which I enjoyed very much, and consequently I started taking lessons with Valentina. At first I was a bit worried about having lessons over Skype, but Valentina’s experience and preparation always make up for every possible technological pitfall. Valentina is very patient and she is always ready to answer my many geeky questions about Slovenian grammar and syntax. I’m always looking forward to our classes and to her funny but extremely useful worksheets. If you’re looking to learn Slovenian, look no further and get Valentina as your teacher. You won’t regret it! — Nicoletta, United Kingdom

Learning Slovene with Valentina has been a great experience. Her curriculum is comprehensive and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made while receiving her instruction. Additionally, the online course provided a splendid amount of learning material. Learning a new language can be challenging, but it can be fun too. — Justin, USA

I have been taking conversation lessons with Valentina for 6 months and it has been a very positive experience. She always makes the hour dynamic with a variety of exercises. The lesson is customized to your needs and skill level. — Lauren, Canada

I have been studying Slovenian with Valentina for four months now after visiting beautiful Slovenia last year. Valentina makes learning, what is quite a difficult language, very enjoyable. She has been very flexible in adapting her teaching approach to match my learning style. We have studied a really nice mix of grammar, topics and Slovenian culture which has kept me really interested. Although initially nervous about learning over Skype I have found the lessons to be very engaging have really setted into it as a learning platform. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Valentina to anyone who is interested in learning Slovenian. — David, United Kingdom

Valentina showed during one year of lessons what a great teacher she is. Always with a smile, providing extra material according to my curiosity, and challenging me to go further. She is one of the rare Slovenian teachers who seems to be experienced in teaching complex grammar issues to foreigners, which is exactly what I needed at this point in my progress. Valentina is flexible to adapt the speed and the new knowledge to my needs. She is always well-prepared with materials and the lessons go very smoothly. Her English is outstanding and she is able to discuss all grammatical details with precise terminology. Valentina has great skills as a teacher, I’m very glad to study with her and I can’t wait for next lesson! — Fabio, Italy

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Learn By Yourself with the Learn Slovenian Online Course

The Learn Slovenian Online program provides you with everything you need to learn Slovenian. It has been designed with a focus on practical language use, so you can start using what you are learning right from the start.

Purchasing the course means you receive lifetime access to the learning materials, and benefit from all future improvements and updates. Our latest update features a Downloads section, from where you can download the course audio files for learning on the go.

Learn Slovenian On The Go

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All audio is recorded by a native Slovenian speaker and files can be downloaded so you can maximise your learning time on the go. The Mp3 files can be played on your computer, smart phone, or Mp3 device.

How Learn Slovenian Online Works

With this program you will:

  • Learn to speak confidently with over 30 comprehensive lessons.
  • Learn effectively with the help of over 200 audio recordings performed by a native Slovenian speaker.
  • Understand basic Slovenian grammar in only 12 sentences.

Who is Learn Slovenian Online for?

If you want to learn Slovene, then this program is for you. It is designed for beginners and will help you enjoy conversations with confidence. Our students include:

  • Travellers and tourists, for both business and leisure.
  • Expats living in Slovenia.
  • Foreign exchange and Erasmus students.

“Learning even the basics of a local language enables a deeper cultural experience while travelling or living abroad.”—Anonymous, but very wise traveller

In Learn Slovenian Online, you will cover:

Section 1: Introduction

  • The Slovenian Alphabet
  • How Slovenian Sounds: About Slovenia
  • Deconstructing Grammar (in 12 sentences)
  • Introducing Cases and Dual
  • Pronunciation

The first six lessons lay some ground work. The aim is to get you started quickly, and to build momentum early on to help motivate you through the tougher, more grammar intense lessons towards the end of the program.

Section 2: Conversation

After getting warmed up and acquainted with the language, you jump right into dialogue, followed by useful phrases, organised by situation.

You will cover:

  • Dialogue One (informal)
  • Dialogue Two (formal)
  • Formal Telephone Conversation
  • Useful Phrases
  • Interrogatives, Greetings, Introductions
  • Travel
  • At a Restaurant
  • City and Cultural Sights
  • Bank, Post Office and Shopping
  • Sport
  • Relatives
  • Professions and Schooling
  • Numbers
  • Time
  • Date

Section 3: Grammar

Lastly, comes everyone’s favourite topic, grammar! By this stage in the program you will have built up an impressive amount of phrases and vocabulary. This foundation will help in understanding Slovenian grammar and enable you to unlock what you already know, to start expressing yourself by constructing your own sentences and questions.

You will cover:

  • Nouns and Demontrative pronouns
  • Colours
  • Adjectives
  • Languages and Nationalities
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • Present Tense Verbs
  • Negation
  • Past Tense Verbs
  • Future Tense Verbs
  • Imperative
  • Modal Verbs
  • Most Common Verbs and Participles
  • Cases and Declining Nouns
  • Prepositions and Declining Nouns

Testing your progress

The end of several lessons feature exercises to test your knowledge.

The majority of sections also feature a selection of digital flash cards, for use with Anki.

Anki is a free program which allows you to test yourself using these digital flash cards and works on the basis of spaced-repetition learning, a technique which has been shown to significantly increase memory retention.

Learn more from our blog post, Using Anki Flashcards with Learn Slovenian Online.

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