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Below you can see a full list of work-free public holidays in the Republic of Slovenia. There are names of holidays in Slovenian with English translation. Note that all public holidays are written lowercase in Slovenian, except those which derive from the personal names (Prešernov, Marijino). Also, months and days of the week are written lowercase in Slovenian, compared to capital letters in English.

Prazniki v Sloveniji (Public holidays in Slovenia):

novo leto (January 1 and 2) – New Year

Prešernov dan (February 8) – Prešeren Day, the Slovenian Cultural Holiday

velika noč (between March and April) – Easter

dan upora proti okupatorju (April 27) – Day of Uprising Against Occupation

praznik dela (May 1 and 2) – Labor Day

dan državnosti (June 25) – Statehood Day

Marijino vnebovzetje (August 15) – Assumption Day

dan reformacije (October 31) – Reformation Day

dan spomina na mrtve or dan mrtvih (November 1) – Remembrance Day (All Saints’ Day)

božič (December 25) – Christmas

dan samostojnosti in enotnosti (December 26) – Independence and Unity Day

Slovenians also celebrate some other holidays which are not work-free days:

pust (usually February) – Mardi Gras, Carnival

valentinovo (February 14) – Valentine’s Day

dan žena (March 8) – International Women’s Day

materinski dan (March 25) – Mother’s Day

martinovo (November 11) – St. Martin’s Day

miklavž (December 6) – St. Nicholas Day

We write the dates with the ordinal numbers. Let’s take May 1 as an example. We write it as 1. maj (prvi maj – the first of May). Ordinal numbers written as numbers always require a dot!

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