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Useful Slovenian Phrases for Your Next Trip to sLOVEnia

Whether you visit the Slovenian capital and other picturesque towns, or perhaps the mountains and beautiful lakes in the summer, it is fun to know some common everyday Slovenian phrases and greetings with which you can make a great impression on the local people.

Here’s a list of some of the most commonly used Slovenian phrases for your next trip to Slovenia 😀 :

Slovenian PhraseEnglish Translation
Ja, prosim.Yes, please.
Ne, hvala.No, thanks.
Hvala lepa./Najlepša hvala.Thank you very much.
Hvala enako.Thanks to you too.
Ni za kaj./Prosim.You’re welcome.
Kako si/ste (formal)?How are you?
Dobro./V redu.I’m fine.
Pa ti/vi (formal)?And you?
Lepo se imej/imejte (formal)!Have a nice day!
Dober dan.Hello.
Dober večer.Good evening.
Dobro jutro.Good morning.
Lahko noč.Good night.
Lep dan!Good day!
Imamo rezervacijo.We have a reservation.
Všeč mi je Slovenija/Piran/Bohinj … (the nominative)I like Slovenia/Piran/Bohinj…
Ni mi všeč.I don’t like it.
Oprosti(te), kje je Ljubljanski grad/Zmajski most/pošta …? (the nominative)Excuse me, where is the Ljubljana Castle/Dragon Bridge/post office…?
Koliko stane sladoled/kosilo/razglednica …? (the nominative)How much is an ice cream/lunch/postcard…?
Se vidiva (dual)/vidimo (plural)!See you later!
Samo trenutek.Just a moment.
To je Petra.This is Petra.
Me veseli.Nice to meet you.
Jaz bi kavo/pivo/vino/sok/čaj (the accusative), prosim.I’d like a coffee/beer/wine/juice/tea, please.
Na zdravje!Cheers!/Bless you!
To je zelo okusno.It’s very tasty.
Račun, prosim.The bill, please.
Kako se reče “coffee” po slovensko?How do you say “coffee” in Slovenian?
Kaj pomeni “trgovina”?What does “trgovina” mean?
Koliko je ura?What’s the time?
Ura je tri.It’s three o’clock.
Ali govoriš/govorite (formal) angleško?Do you speak English?
Ja, malo.Yes, a little.
Žal ne.Unfortunately not.
Govorim slovensko/angleško/francosko/nemško/

italijansko/rusko/špansko …

I speak Slovenian/English/French/German/


To je zelo lepo mesto/jezero/morje.This is a very beautiful city/lake/sea.
Bohinjsko jezero (Lake Bohinj)

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