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Interjections, medmeti in Slovenian, express our mood and emotional conditions, they imitate natural sounds and are also used as an imperative (when we want to command something to somebody). They appear in every language. Interjections for the same thing in Slovenian and English (or any other language) are slightly different – not only how we write them, but also how we pronounce them. We can have a lot of fun comparing them in various languages, and “realise” that, for example, animals sound differently in different languages.

In Slovenian, in a sentence, we write a comma after an interjection. At the end of a sentence we usually write an exclamation mark. Interjections can also stand alone.


  • Pst, zbudil boš otroke! (Shush, you will wake the children up!)
  • Juhuhu! (Yippie-yay-yo!)

We use interjections a lot in everyday conversation. Greetings also belong in a group of interjections, for example: živjo, čao, zdravo, hej, adijo, dober dan, nasvidenje.

Imitative Interjections

mijavmiaowthe sound of cats
hovwoofthe sound of dogs
mumoothe sound of cows
čivcheep, tweetthe sound of birds
rega, kvakcroakthe sound of frogs
kikirikicock-a-doodle-doothe sound of cocks
gaquackthe sound of geese, ducks
bumboomthe sound of explosion, drums, heart
cinringthe sound of a small bell, ting
tokknockthe sound of knocking
čof, pljusksplashwhen splashing into the water
ačihatishoowhen sneezing
hahahawhen smiling

Mood Interjections

jojohastonishment, impairment
ehahapathy, annoyance
oohamazement, admiration
ajaohgetting ideas
hmhmmdoubt, hesitation
juhuhuyippie-yay-yojoy, happiness
čin čincheerswhen toasting
njam, mmmyummysaying when you taste something delicious
ejheyenthusiasm, also a greeting
avouchwhen it hurts, pain
jupi, hurayayjoy
vauwowadmiration, astonishment
ufphewrelief, annoyance
opa, upsoopswhen apologizing for your mistakes

Imperative Interjections

pstshushwhen you want somebody to be quiet
hopjumpencouraging to jump
šcshoodriving away somebody

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