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I recently found out that learning a foreign language with the help of music can be really effective. To aid you on your quest to learn Slovene, I would like to present to you some of our Slovenian musicians and particular songs which can help you to learn and develop your ear for the language a little bit more. I have used, and am using, this method to learn French, Italian, Portuguese and English.

Recommended Artists to help learn Slovene

Miran Rudan

Learn Slovene with musican Miran Rudan

Miran’s musical style is pop. He has great voice and sings clearly and most of his songs are romantically themed. Miran started to practice music at primary school. He was a member of the groups, Pop Design, Moulin Rouge and Randez Vous and now follows a solo career.

I gathered, what are in my opinion, some of his the most beautiful songs:

The last one ‘Laure ni več’ is a cover song from ‘Laura non c’è’ of Italian singer Nek.

Sound Attack

Learn Slovene with dance group sound-attack

The group was found by Simon Šurev and Pika Božič in 1997. Their music style is mostly dance and house. Pika Božič is focusing on her solo career now.

Some of their hits:

  • Ko te ni (When you aren’t here)—VideoLyrics
  • Vrni mi ljubezen (Love me back)—Video
  • Kje si zdaj (Where are you now)—VideoLyrics
  • Le tebe še hočem (You are all I want)—Video

Rebeka Dremelj

Learn Slovene with Slovenian singer Rebeka Dremelje

Rebeka is a Slovenian pop/rock singer and Miss Slovenia 2001. She performed in Eurovision song contest in Belgrade 2008, with the song ‘Vrag naj vzame’. She is one of the most popular Slovenian music artists.

  • Vrag naj vzame (To hell with it)—Video—Lyrics are embedded in the video.
  • Pod mojo kožo (Under my skin)—VideoLyrics
  • Pojdi z menoj (Come with me)—VideoLyrics


Learn Slovene with KingstonKingston is a Slovenian music group, founded in 1994. Their songs can be classified as pop, reggae and latino music.

List of songs:

  • Cela ulica nori (The whole street is tottaly wild)—VideoLyrics
  • Ko sije luna na obalo (When the moon shines to the coast)—Video—Lyrics are embedded in the video.
  • Tropicana club—VideoLyrics
  • Ko bo padal dež (When the rain will be falling)—VideoLyrics

Pepel in kri (literally Ashes and blood)

Learn Slovene with Pepel in kriPepel in kri were a Slovenian vocal/instrumental group in 70’s. They performed in Eurovision song contest in 1975, for Yugoslavia, with an Evergreen song, ‘Dan ljubezni’. They are one of the most unforgettable Slovenian Evergreen groups.

Bele vrane (literally White crows)

Learn Slovene with Belle VraneBele vrane were also a vocal/instrumental group which were active in 60’s and 70’s. Their songs are still popular. In fact, a recent remix exists of their song ‘Maček v žaklju’.

  • Maček v žaklju (A pig in a poke, literally ‘A cat in a sack’)—VideoLyrics
  • Mala terasa (A small terrace)—Video—Lyrics are embedded in the video.

Marjana Deržaj

Learn Slovene with singer Marjana DeržajMarjana was a Slovenian pop music singer. She was active in 60s and died in 2005. Her the most recognisable songs are Poletna noč, Zemlja pleše, V Ljubljano.

Here are two other Wikipedia resources related to Slovenian music:

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