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The Slovenian and English languages have their typographic differences.

Lowercase dates

In Slovenian, days and months start with lowercase letters, as opposed to capitals in English.



Day English Translation
ponedeljek Monday
torek Tuesday
sreda Wednesday
četrtek Thursday
petek Friday
sobota Saturday
nedelja Sunday



Month English Translation
januar January
februar February
marec March
april April
maj May
junij June
julij July
avgust August
september September
oktober October
november November
december December

Ordinal Numbers

In contrast to the English suffixes, ordinal numbers in Slovenian are noted by a number, followed by a dot.

Slovenian ordinal number used in the date on
Note the date, 23rd June, written as 23. junij
Ordinal Number Slovenian English Translation
1. prvi 1st
2. drugi 2nd
3. tretji 3rd
4. četrti 4th
5. peti 5th
6. šesti 6th
7. sedmi 7th
8. osmi 8th
9. deveti 9th
10. deseti 10th

Currency and prices

Slovenia has used the Euro since January 1st 2007. Prices are usually listed with ‘EUR’ and a space, in front of the numerical value, with cents separated by a comma. In Ireland and the UK, the Euro symbol comes before the numerical value, and cents are separated by a dot.

Slovenian Price Ireland and UK Price
EUR 15,95 €15.95

Postal Addresses

Addresses are also formatted different than in the UK and Ireland, in that the address number comes after the street name.

Slovenian Address Irish/UK Address
Moj naslov je Slovenska ulica 5 My address is 5 Slovenska street

If you know of any other differences, let us know and we’ll add them to our list.

The examples used are excerpts from the Dates and Numbers lessons in our Slovenian e-book.

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